For over a decade, Smart Cremation has put in place thousands of prearrangement plans across the country. Our purpose is to give families the very best in care at the very worst time – when they’ve lost someone close to them. We cannot take away the grief and stress that loss brings, but we can help to carry those burdens alongside them.

In the last several years Smart Cremation has been adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s families. As more and more individuals are choosing cremation over traditional burial, our priority is to connect an experienced team of Advisors with as many people as possible, so they can learn first-hand about the options we offer.

Smart Cremation is seeking a Funeral Director to support our operations Florida. The goal of the funeral director is to provide exemplary customer service to our internal and external customers. This position will be relied on to continue to keep Smart Cremation in total compliance with state and local requirements and to attend all field audits by the state. The successful candidate will have a current license in Florida and be available to stay on call during evenings and weekends. The selected individual will work from our regional office in either Fort Lauderdale, Naples, or Orlando, FL.


  • Contact facility where death occurred or family to advice them of an ETA
    Contact family to verify statistical information for death certificate and see if they have questions
  • Dispatch staff to transport the deceased from place of death to the proper licensed holding facility
  • Arrange ID viewing/cremation at holding facility or cremation facility
  • Notify Social Security Administration and Veterans Administration complete service arrangements if requested
  • Coordinate the cremation when death occurs outside the normal Smart Cremation location area – find outside providers, cost control etc.
  • Enter information into EDRS or complete manual certificates if Physician or County not on EDRS
  • Pick up certificate, file certificate in county of death and order certified copies
  • Mail or deliver certified copies to family
  • Send permit and Cremation Authorization to crematory
  • Maintain contact with family throughout process
  • Deliver or ship urn to family
  • Enter all paperwork into HMIS for accounting
  • Coordinate arrangements for sea scattering and assist families with obituaries
  • Other duties as required