An opening currently exists at Caliman Funeral Services, 3700 Refugee Road Columbus, OH. 43232 for the position of Licensed Funeral Professional.  The position includes funeral planning, coordination and/or embalming on behalf of Caliman Funeral Services clientele.  The individual in this position is responsible to J. Richard Caliman, CEO of Caliman Funeral Services, or his designated representative.


·  Licensed by the appropriate State agencies as a Funeral Director or Embalmer.

·   Physical ability and willingness to perform the responsibilities described herein.

·   Ability and willingness to promote the core convictions and other standards of practice as observed by Caliman Funeral  Services, Ohio Funeral Directors’ Association, and other appropriate organizations.

·   Preferred knowledge and experience in the funeral services industry.

·    Ability and willingness to provide courteous service to the public.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of the Licensed Funeral Professional fall into two categories.  These are:  funeral directing and/or embalming.  Funeral directing includes activities related to organizing, arranging, and coordinating a funeral service.  Embalming includes all activities associated with the preparation of a decedent for final public viewing.  These activities may include sanitizing, setting features, cosmetizing, dressing and casketing of a decedent.

Inquiries should be directed to Ms. Barbara Caliman, Co-owner, Caliman Funeral Services, located at 3700 Refugee Road Columbus, Ohio. 43232.  She may also be reached by email at barbara@calimanfuneralservices.com

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